2013 Content Marketing Research: Most Effective Content for Lead Generation

Alana Becker - October 24, 2013

12 Weeks of Content Marketing Insights

In July of 2013 we reached out to get statistical evidence behind what we hear from our customers in B2B marketing on a daily basis. Over 230 B2B marketing professionals responded. Last week we dug into the quantified benefit of using social proof from existing customers in marketing activities. Below we’ll focus specifically on what type of content moves the needle for lead generation.

Week 6: What Types of Content are Most Effective for Lead Generation?

Demand generation and lead nurturing campaigns are top initiatives for many B2B marketers. As enterprise technology companies get increasingly sophisticated in their use of powerful marketing automation technology, they track what type of content works for specific segments of their prospective markets.

Results from our survey pointed to social proof from customers as the definitive lead in lead generation effectiveness. 64% of surveyed B2B marketing professionals indicated that customer testimonials and case studies were very effective or better.



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Surprisingly, microsites and blog posts trailed in how effective they were for lead generation, with only 9% rating microsites as very effective.

Videos and Microsites also had high numbers in the “not used” category, which reflects the large amount of time and high cost required to produce this type of content.

Creating enough content to feed lead generation campaigns remains a key pain point for many B2B marketers. With bandwidth maxed it’s more important than ever to use the most effective content possible. This marketing manager at an IT services company stated his biggest B2B marketing challenge had to do with developing campaigns & content for those campaigns:

“Maintaining multiple, effective campaigns throughout the year and developing the content for those campaigns [is our biggest challenge.]”

Stay Tuned

Next we’ll cover what types of content are most effective in lead nurturing/drip marketing campaigns.

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Alana Becker

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