2013 Content Marketing Research: Primary Drivers to Create Content

Alana Becker - November 26, 2013

content creation reasons

This is the 9th post in our series on the current state of B2B Content Marketing highlighting key findings sourced from over 230 B2B marketing professionals. This week we’ll focus on the primary drivers for creating new content and how it’s changed over the last few years.

Week 9: Primary Drivers to Create Content

Why do companies need to create new content in the first place? We’ve analyzed the data from 2011 and 2013 to see changes over time on what the main drivers are for generating new content.

Lead generation activities are still the largest driving force for creating new and compelling content, but we saw the percentage drop over two years from 52% in 2011 to 44% in 2013.


content creation reasons


The largest growth was in needing content to supply lead nurturing campaigns, which increased over 12%, from 2.9% in 2011 to 15.6% in 2013. The jump in requiring lead nurturing content took away from other driving factors – such as product launches, sales requests and lead generation.

This suggests a growing importance and emphasis on lead nurturing campaigns by B2B marketing teams, over other initiatives.

Another jump appeared in needing content for PR/Awareness activities, going from 9.6% in 2011 to 12.8% in 2013, indicating that even in the world of social media, regular PR activities such as press releases still require fresh and engaging content.

Stay Tuned:

In our next post, we’ll dive into how B2B marketers are personalizing content for maximum results.

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Alana Becker

Alana Becker is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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