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Ditch the vanity metrics and think beyond traditional customer marketing
Your customers are busy. They might love your product,... Read More
How far will your references go?
It’s not easy to have the right customer references... Read More
Why you need to embrace your unhappy customers
When you’re looking for a good customer reference, it’s... Read More
When your best customers won’t talk
Your customers can sell your product more effectively than... Read More
Product Update: Filter Survey Responses With Custom Data
What if you want to filter your survey results... Read More
What is NPS?
The Net Promoter Score or NPS® is a customer... Read More
Should We Trust References?
Think of B2B customer reference representation as an iceberg.... Read More
21 Customer Advocacy Experts to follow ASAP
Customer advocacy is the new marketing. That’s one of the... Read More
Infographic: The Customer Evidence Ecosystem
With the increasing sophistication and complexity of the customer... Read More

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