Topic: Customer Referencing

Should We Trust References?

By Evan Huck

Think of B2B customer reference representation as an iceberg. 10% of a vendor’s customers are “visible” to prospects through traditional customer referencing programs, but 90% are hidden beneath the surface — their results are unknown to the prospective customer.

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21 Customer Advocacy Experts to follow ASAP

By Lauren Locke-Paddon

Customer advocacy is the new marketing.

That’s one of the major takeaways from this year’s Summit on Customer Engagement, the premiere event for customer advocacy.

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Infographic: The Customer Evidence Ecosystem

By Jonathon Wolfe

With the increasing sophistication and complexity of the customer evidence ecosystem, it can be difficult to keep track of the capabilities of the different companies in the space. We thought it would be helpful to come up with a visual guide to this industry, so we took a shot at it.

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Infographic: The Customer Reference Funnel

By Jonathon Wolfe

B2B marketers are used to thinking about the marketing and sales funnel, but this metaphor is also useful to apply to customer reference activities. By focusing resources on optimizing customer references based on where they reside in the B2B Customer Reference Funnel, you can make the most out of your customer reference pipeline.

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