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Congratulations! You’re Rebranding your Company or Product

By Alana Becker

Re-branding: it’s an exciting opportunity to hit “refresh” on marketing messaging and initiatives. Everyone who has been through this process also knows that a corporate re-branding poses a few serious…

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Ongoing Customer Marketing and Engagement is a B2B Requirement, but How?

By Claire Cannon

With heightened competition and the prevalence of subscription models, customer engagement by marketing is more important than ever before. In this new environment, B2B customers are no longer as locked…

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TechValidating TechValidate: Highlights

By Lauren Locke-Paddon

We recently reversed roles and ran a TechValidate outreach project to our own customers. Our intent? To gather proof points and validation to support our own sales enablement and marketing and get a scalable read user sentiment.

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By Jonathon Wolfe

Our customers often ask, “If TechValidate is so great at capturing customer voice, why don’t you use it on your own customers?” Well, we recently did just that, and this is the first post in a series about the results.

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