Client Showcase: eMoney, CA Technologies, and Evidera

Tim Hill - August 19, 2014

Our customers are always finding creative new ways to use the marketing content that they’ve generated with TechValidate. Read on to see how eMoney, CA Technologies, and Evidera leverage TechValidate content to inspire and inform a blog series, ebooks, infographics, and collateral for tradeshows.

eMoney: Blog series

When eMoney launched their first outreach project with TechValidate, they aimed to solve the on-going challenge of having enough content to fuel their blog. The goal for their blog: highlight their competitive differentiation and brand loyalty. What they felt carried the most weight was having their customers ratify the core benefits of using eMoney. eMoney’s customers responded in droves and enabled them to publish over 500 content assets from their first project.  With such a robust output, eMoney has used case studies, customer testimonials and statistical proof points in their blog series to enable their customers to speak, on their behalf, to what differentiates them from their competition.




CA Technologies: eBook and Infographic

CA Technologies wanted to ramp up their Testing Solutions product marketing by identifying customers to ratify their claims. One of the biggest challenges they faced was highlight customer success stories about how their solution helped overcome application and performance testing challenges. The goal at the outset of their customer outreach project with TechValidate was to take the collected customer success evidence and create an infographic and eBook to use in sales and lead generation. Their customers responded to the outreach with their organization’s experiences and highlight the cost savings and productivity gains that CA Technologies Testing Solutions enabled.




Evidera: Tradeshow Collateral

How do we become more effective at reeling in trade show attendees to our booth? And when we do reel them in, what information can we provide that will leave an impression? Evidera, like many trade show exhibitors, wanted answers to those questions. What they theorized was that if they could create collateral derived from their customers’ voice, they could attract more people to their booth and engage with prospects, most of whom were leery of unsubstantiated marketing claims. To gather customer sourced evidence about the value of their Dossier Services, Evidera surveyed their customers through TechValidate and saw nearly 50% respond, eager to provide their feedback. They then took all of that feedback, published their findings and used that content to boost the credibility of their trade show collateral, and in turn, increase the amount of engaged booth visitors.


Tim Hill

Tim Hill is a Senior Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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