Client Showcase: IQ Services, Arena Solutions, and SignUp4

Claire Cannon - February 27, 2015

“Snapshots,” “viewpoints,” “tidbits,” “popcorn assets,” “nuggets” – there are many nicknames for the content our customers publish with TechValidate. No matter what you call it, here are some creative examples from SignUp4, IQ Services and Arena Solutions showing how you can incorporate “snackable content” on your company’s website.


When we first spoke with SignUp4, they were looking to prioritize customer proof on their website. With just one TechValidate outreach project, they were able to quickly publish over 50 unique assets, including many strong customer quotes. They then created a banner on their website homepage featuring customer testimonials – putting the voice of their customers front and center.


IQ Services

IQ Services launched their first TechValidate project with a website redesign right around the corner. They focused on highlighting how different verticals utilize their products.  IQ Services was able to generate over 20 case studies which they now highlight on a “Case Studies” page with their new, sleek website. Broken down by industry, prospects can easily navigate the page to find a case study that matches their own.


Arena Solutions

Arena, a provider of cloud based PLM solutions, used TechValidate to survey over 1,000 customers about their real-world experience with Arena PLM. The results? Quotes, statistics and charts from their customer base. Arena peppered their website with these customer proof points to highlight the quick ROI customers receive with their product.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 3.20.25 PM




Claire Cannon

Claire is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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