Congratulations! You’re Rebranding your Company or Product

Alana Becker - March 6, 2015

Re-branding: it’s an exciting opportunity to hit “refresh” on marketing messaging and initiatives. Everyone who has been through this process also knows that a corporate rebranding poses a few serious challenges. All of a sudden, the repository of content you built out is rendered obsolete and your team must quickly create new pieces to close the gap.

Between all the careful planning, research, and resources it takes to launch an effective rebrand, this process is anything but simple. In order to effectively rebrand your company or products, you’ll need a concerted effort that includes multiple moving parts. These campaigns often include a coordinated front that spans the marketing organization including buy-in and participation from demand generation, corporate and product marketing, PR, and sales enablement. Whatever your plan of attack, you’ll likely need content that can effectively communicate your company’s new direction.

Social media can be a great way to introduce your rebranding efforts and find out what type of content that will be most compelling for your audience. Hubspot recommends taking control of your company’s Twitter and Facebook profiles to inform your customers of upcoming changes and events, and to directly ask their opinions on your rebranding efforts. This information will help you better understand what about the new messaging is most interesting and relevant for customers and prospects.

Once you have that new messaging, flexibility and speed are key. Rebranding can be an uncertain time; it’s important to be able to pivot quickly to new messaging and ideas. The Content Marketing Institute recommends applying the Agile method of software development to content marketing: “It is never too late to halt or change the creation of a piece of content…It is far better to shift gears even at the last minute than to deliver something misaligned or irrelevant. Welcome the opportunity to get it right rather than be frustrated over the causes of change.

We asked our own customer base of 1000s of B2B marketers for their feedback on how they did with this challenge. Over 200 of them responded and 55% say TechValidate helped them develop dozens to hundreds of relevant case studies, quotes and statistics over 50% faster. That’s a lot of potential content for new branding – and it can all be created within 30 days.

Filling the content shortfall from a re-branding effort is crucial – how does your organization keep ahead of the curve? Let us know on Twitter: @TechValidate

Alana Becker

Alana Becker is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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