New Feature Spotlight: Do you know how your content gets used?

Steve Norall - October 28, 2010

Marketers have been conditioned to think about the ROI on every expenditure in their marketing budget.  However, expenditures on content creation have defied traditional calculations of ROI.   It is hard to concretely measure how often a piece of content  is viewed and its impact, particularly when B2B prospects consume multiple types of content throughout the purchasing cycle.

With the latest release of TechValidate, we introduced a set of reports and metrics that seek to close the loop on content investments and provide tangible ROI proof. These reports allow marketers to track the reach and usage of their TechValidate content.  Specifically, we provide real-time metrics and reports on:

  1. How many customer voices and data point have been collected?
  2. How much customer evidence has been created from those voices?
  3. How quickly was a marketer able to create customer content?
  4. How did that customer content get used?

To ensure that users get the utmost out of their investment, TechValidate actually tracks which parts of the application are being used and suggests which functionality a marketer should use next to amplify the effect of their TechValidate content. On a monthly basis, users receive a personalized report showing how much customer data has been collected, content produced, and which usage milestones have been achieved.

Example of an Account Usage Report:

Application usage is broken down into outreaches conducted, content published, and content utilization.  Users can view usage metrics at the aggregate level or drill down on usage by product line.

Example of a Content Generation Report:

TechValidate will track how much content you create over time and allow you to drill down to see what types and how it varies by product line.

Steve Norall

Steve Norall is CEO and Co-Founder of TechValidate. He brings a wealth of experience in both enterprise marketing and software engineering to TechValidate.

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