HDS, BMC, & HP: In their own words

Heather Turley - January 20, 2016

You’re probably tired of hearing us talk about ourselves. We know how you feel. As it turns out, our customers do a much better job explaining how they use TechValidate.

You can now watch firsthand how TechValidate works for sales enablement for HP, how you can get a ton out of customers without exhausting them from BMC, and what we do to partner with clients like HDS. Key quotes are pulled from the video below.

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Craig Nunes, VP of Worldwide Marketing at HP Storage says…

“If you are a marketing professional and you are not taking advantage of TechValidate, you are leaving great marketing on the table. Your customers are your best salespeople, and if you are not reaching out to them you are missing half the game.”

 “Our industry is a very crowded one from a marketing claims point of view, and it’s all our fault, the marketing guys. We have a lot of messages out there, we are all the best, and we are all simple, all the marketing buzzwords….”

How did we help Craig and his organization stand out in such a crowded industry? HP uses TechValidate to get third party validation of why they stand out against the competition. HP also uses TechValidate to quantify operational and financial results with statistical evidence that carries more weight than buzzwords.


Dan Ortega, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at BMC Software says…

“It’s very easy to navigate the [TechValidate] system, and when you’re done you get all this great eye-candy which then can then be used to populate presentations, white papers, data sheets, etc.”

 “Part of the issue we faced was customer fatigue. You have a customer that is a reference, and suddenly everyone wants to use them as a reference….the beauty about the [TechValidate] approach is that they say something, and it is captured in a visually pleasant format that you can repurpose.”

 How did we help BMC solve for “wearing out” their best customer references? BMC uses TechValidate to publish multiple assets from what their customer provides in 3 minutes, in many different ways. Bonus: they have uncovered many new reference candidates that they didn’t know existed over the last few years.


Asim Zaheer, CMO, Hitachi Data Systems says…

“TechValidate has become an integral aspect of our marketing mix, I don’t know what we would do without it. We love working with TechValidate, and view them as a business partner as opposed to another vendor.”

 “Many of the accounts that we sell to, large multinational organizations, are typically very reluctant to publicly speak about vendors that they work with, or business partners that they have. We came to TechValidate because we needed a way to extract those opinions and thoughts from our customers in a simple automated fashion, that is non-threatening to them and non-threatening to their corporate policies.”

Many organizations like Hitachi Data Systems have customers that are reluctant to publicly share information. TechValidate has helped solve this for HDS by enabling them to published evidence from their customers where they are comfortable contributing to their marketing whether that’s a named quote, aggregated statistic, or blinded case study.


Heather Turley

Heather is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate

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