HR: Content is Key to Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Heather Turley - September 1, 2015

HR professionals cite recruitment as the primary challenge of their role, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. To maintain a competitive edge, HR professionals must go above and beyond traditional job posting techniques. As a result of changing demographics, multiple generations exist in the workforce and attracting new staff, such as younger workers, require adopting marketing techniques and strategies. The short supply of skilled labor in many markets has compelled organizations to aggressively identify and target both passive and active candidates, essentially promoting and differentiating their organization from the competition. HR professionals must now think like marketers. With that said, the challenges facing HR and staffing leaders are similar to the ones with which today’s B2C and B2B marketing professionals are coping.

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Content is key. As competition for employees increases, companies need to actively promote their business as a desirable brand and leader in their industry. But how does one go about doing this? The answer is through sharing inspirational stories in the professional web where top talent spend a lot of their time. For some companies, this might be about creating interest in applying for a role; for others, it might be about building awareness and interest in their brand to attract prospects. Whatever point in the sales funnel your brand is at with potential candidates, high-impact marketing content can drive results and cost-effectively build their network.

HR/Staffing organizations come to TechValidate to generate interesting content that will engage their candidates. With TechValidate, they are able to generate different charts, statistics, testimonials, and case studies to be used in various campaigns. Consistent delivery of interesting content is what engaged candidates crave. Both active and passive candidates will interact with and share content if it is compelling. This approach will enable your organization to attract candidates by sharing the company’s performance in press releases, announcing recent additions to the team, or an exciting customer or product story. Engaging candidates will build a relationship that keeps them interested, and reinforces your brand awareness.



Heather Turley

Heather is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate

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