How 3 companies create localized customer proof with TechValidate

Heather Turley - September 29, 2015

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According to recent figures from Internet World Stats, English remains the single, most widely used language online, but it still only accounts for around a quarter of world usage. Studies have shown that people place more trust in marketing if it is in their native language. Clearly, a multilingual approach is necessary for marketers wishing to engage with their customers in other regions and access untapped opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is creating credible, relevant content for their prospective customers. This can prove even more difficult when targeting international clients to build your brand and awareness with a content marketing strategy. With TechValidate, our customers now have the tools to take this challenge head on.

Targeting specific geographies with localized content on websites often requires highly duplicated efforts. When creating effective multilingual marketing campaigns, organizations come to TechValidate to help solve the challenge of reaching out and getting feedback from customers around the world. Below we highlight three TechValidate customers who successfully launched localized outreach projects and/or published content in multiple languages.

Example: DataCore Creates Swedish Customer Testimonials

DataCore was looking to create more evidence in regions where they were gaining a lot of new sales momentum. They teamed up with TechValidate to launch a survey that included their Swedish customers. These testimonials provided great value for their sales team when targeting these new markets.



Example: Fleetmatics Publishes Customer Stats for Their Spanish Audience

Social media can be an ideal way to interact with global customers. Fleetmatics, a leader in SaaS fleet management, finds that Facebook is an extremely valuable channel to reach their customers and prospects in different geographies. Using content generated from their TechValidate Spanish survey, they were able to post interesting industry articles and blog posts sprinkled with different statistics and charts to engage their Latin American base.



Example: CoreMedia Cross-publishes Case Studies in German and English

CoreMedia, a global provider of digital experience solutions, has their corporate headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and US headquarters in San Francisco. It was essential for them to publish assets in German and English to reach their major audiences. They teamed up with TechValidate to launch simultaneous German and English outreach projects and were able to publish over 700 testimonials, statistics, charts, and case studies.


What Can Localized Customer Proof Do For You?

Communicating with your customer base and creating content in other languages to serve your foreign target audiences will differentiate you from your competition. If you have a global audience and want to get them to notice your company’s offerings, it can be a huge help to “speak their language.”

Learn more on how you can send outreach projects in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese with our Enterprise edition here.

If you’re already a TechValidate customer, contact your dedicated Customer Advocate or to discuss how you can localize assets or create localized outreach projects.

Heather Turley

Heather is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate

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