Milestone: Over 100,000 TechValidate Participants

Brad O'Neill - July 20, 2010

Its not exactly a break-out-the-champagne kind of moment, but more of a quick “hi five” type thing in our office, and it deserves a quick post: We’ve crossed the 100,000th participant threshold here at TechValidate (100,847 to be precise.)

What’s that mean? Simply that over 100,000 users of a given product or service have taken part in bringing a reality-based voice to the marketing of a TechValidated vendor, all derived from their own experiences, not those of pundits or mere vendor conjecture… That’s never a bad thing.

Other baseline stats as of today: Nearly 59,487 deployment facts are in our system that have enable TechValidated vendors to auto-generate and publish 341 case studies and 202 live data charts, all by mouseclick.

That we’ve been able to do this since going live with TechValidate in May of 2008 is a testament to how aggressive our customers have been in believing that this new approach can solve perennial marketing challenges. They believed (correctly, it turns out) that their own customers could actually do their marketing work for them for the simple reason that customers are the ones closest to the products.

A nice end to a Tuesday for us. Thanks for the continued support!

I promise I won’t post on this topic again until we hit 1,000,000… But, for some reason, I have a feeling that it won’t take 10 years for us to get there.

Brad O'Neill

Brad O'Neill is President and Co-Founder of TechValidate. He brings over 15 years of experience in both enterprise and web consumer technologies to the leadership of TechValidate.

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