New Feature Spotlight: Public Questionnaire Links

Alana Becker - December 4, 2012

public questionnaire links

We’ve recently released a new way to gather even more customer evidence with TechValidate. With Public Questionnaire Links, our clients can now invite their customers to participate via any online medium they choose. Customer feedback gathered using Public Questionnaire Links can be published as verified, finished marketing assets just like any other TechValidate survey.


public questionnaire links


How it Works

Traditionally, our clients use the TechValidate platform to invite their customers to participate in their TechValidate surveys. Our clients upload customer lists, and our software then sends out personalized email invitations. This results in high participation rates, but clients must be able to supply a list of their customers to TechValidate.

However, with Public Questionnaire Links, clients can now solicit feedback from their customers in any digital or online medium of their choosing, using a single web link for all recipients. TechValidate verifies the identity and responses of all participants, ensuring that results are credible and come only from your actual customers.

With the public link, our clients follow the same workflow as before, but instead of TechValidate sending email invitations, clients include a single link in their own communications. All data collected through the public link appears in the TechValidate application and can be quickly published using the same workflow.

The Net Result

TechValidate customers can now gather publishable customer research directly from where their customers already connect everyday, without having to proactively contact their customer base.

How Our Clients Are Using It

Here are some of the most common scenarios where our clients are using Public Questionnaire Link today:

  • Customer Communities or Portals: The public link is often embedded in the sidebar of a customer community as a way to reach already engaged customers.
  • Events: At tradeshows and user conferences, clients have used iPads or other mobile devices to gather feedback from individual customers in real time.
  • Customer Newsletters: The public link can be embedded in a customer newsletter to further utilize this customer touch point and gather publishable feedback.
  • Personal 1-1 Emails: TechValidate clients have written individual, personalized  emails soliciting an important customer’s feedback (e.g. a CIO or other high ranking executive where they might have a direct relationship). These emails embed the public link and can be quite effective in getting high value customer proof.
  • Inside SaaS Applications: By embedding the public link inside a client’s own SaaS application, TechValidate clients gather feedback directly from their users as they use the product.
  • End of a Free Trial or New Customer Win: Emails that are automatically triggered at the end of a free trial or at a set period after deployment have proved to be a great way to gather publishable content about these new wins and purchasing rationale. Clients have automated this entire process using marketing automation (e.g. Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot) to send the emails and a public link to collect the customer feedback.


Alana Becker

Alana Becker is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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