Ongoing Customer Marketing and Engagement is a B2B Requirement, but How?

Claire Cannon - February 11, 2015

With heightened competition and the prevalence of subscription models, customer engagement by marketing is more important than ever before. In this new environment, B2B customers are no longer as locked into long-term commitments and customers must truly see the value of their offerings on a continual basis. Don’t believe us? A quick Google search for “customer engagement marketing” yields over 11 million results, including articles like “The New Rules of Customer Engagement” and “3 Customer Engagement Strategies Marketers Can’t Ignore” that prove out the significance of customer engagement. And in Marketo’s 2015 Marketing Predictions, Dayna Rothman predicts that in 2015, “B2B companies will focus on telling more compelling and interesting stories in a much more humanistic and entertaining way.”

But the question remains: how can you create compelling content that will engage and delight your customers?

A Familiar Face

Natalie Chan suggests finding an advocate within your organization who can give a voice to your brand. This person can become a trusted and familiar face – a thought leader that your audience can engage with via blog posts, video content, webinars and speaking engagements.


Social media offers unique 24/7 access to your customers.  By making regular appearances in Twitter or LinkedIn feeds, you can build a community of active customers. Engage your audience by creating unique hashtags and weighing in on trending topics.tweeeeet

The voice of the customer

In late 2014, we used our own approach (we TechValidated TechValidate) to reach out to our customer base of 100s of B2B marketers to get their feedback. In it, we found that many customers solve for this challenged of increased customer marketing and engagement by generating TechValidate content – content that captures the voice of their customers – and incorporating it in nurture campaigns and marketing collateral. Moreover, the data collected with TechValidate provides insight into what types of customer experience your company provides, allowing you to constantly improve the way you interact with your customers.

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Check out even more ways customers utilize TechValidate content here.

Claire Cannon

Claire is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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