PR Teams+TechValidate: The Sequel

Heather Turley - November 11, 2015


This is Part II of the highly anticipated romance story of the B2B century.

(Check out Part I here)

PR folks still love TechValidate, and our relationship with them has strengthened over the years. Why? PR now encompasses a whole new realm of social and digital storytelling. PR professionals must always be one step ahead of the story, by helping their clients keep in front of breaking news, create robust stories supported by primary research, and generate relevant visual content.

Often for them, this means, “WE NEED MORE TARGETED CONTENT!” (drum-roll please…TechValidate!)


First on the story 

For PR professionals, it is important to create newsworthy stories that are relevant to the narrative their customers go to market with. To better target these audiences and press outlets, primary data can work to make PR initiatives compelling.

This often means that the data behind a story needs to come fast, to keep up with the ephemeral nature of news.

The need for speed and relevance inspired TechValidate to create our own Market Research product, fueling the flames of the TechValidate+PR love affair (oooo la la!). An early adopter of our Market Research offering was Cryptzone, a company that provides identity-driven security solutions. One of Cryptzone’s main lead generation events is the RSA Conference, which draws nearly 30,000 attendees per year. As you can imagine, there’s an incredible amount of noise to rise above at the world’s largest security event. To break through, Cryptzone deployed a coordinated, integrated marketing effort that featured the findings from their Market Research project on the security risk that organizations continue to face with outdated technologies.  The marketing blitz included a press release, social push, blog, lead gen form, and physical display of the assets – all featuring content from TechValidate prominently.

Check it out the report from their findings here: Cryptzone Network Access Security Survey


Primary statistical evidence lends credibility and increases visibility

PR professionals face a ton of competition in getting eyeballs, and primary research can be the differentiaton needed to attract that audience.

TechValidate helps firms develop and incorporate evidence into their campaigns. Red Hat, a longtime customer of TechValidate, consitently incorporates industry trend data into their awareness efforts. Most recently, the company published findings on the mobile-first economy, and identified the most desired skills across enterprise mobility. After running the survey, they created this press release and sourced their findings back to their original data: RedHat Mobility Hiring Press Release


Captivating images for visual story telling

Human beings are highly visual and information is being thrown at them 24/7. They are constantly attempting to organize and curate data that pours in from different sources. Infographics are a colorful mix of analysis, writing, and design, and if done well, can communicate complex data in a visual format that’s perfect for sharing.

Login VSI, provider of performance insights for virtualized desktop and server environments, joined forces with TechValidate because they needed content for the top-of-the-funnel PR efforts. After running their first outreach project, they created a repository of content filled with statistics, testimonials, and case studies that they utilized in creating this recent infographic: Login VSI Infographic

These are just a few great examples of how the TechValidate+PR relationship has evolved over the years. We might have had an unlikely beginning (detailed here), but as we work together to build highly integrated campaigns, we expect to live happily ever after!

~The End…roll credits~


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