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TechValidate: Your Personal Umbrella Drink
“Don’t wait. Use TechValidate faster. Use it sooner, because... Read More
Ongoing Customer Marketing and Engagement is a B2B Requirement, but How?
With heightened competition and the prevalence of subscription models,... Read More
Infographic: The Customer Reference Funnel
B2B marketers are used to thinking about the marketing... Read More
Infographic: The most effective content is the voice of the Customer.
We all want to produce the most effective, convincing... Read More
Q & A with HP: Publishing Customer Evidence for Product Launch
On December 1st, 2010, HP Software launched 8 products... Read More
Content Marketing: 3 Best Practices That Work
2nd post in the series based on our primary... Read More
How IBM is Harnessing the “Voice of the Crowd” in its Marketing
Steve Kenniston, Customer Evangelist at IBM, takes a few... Read More

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