We’re Joining SurveyMonkey!

Steve Norall - August 4, 2015

We have some exciting news to share with the entire TechValidate community: We have just merged with SurveyMonkey and our entire business and team are now part of their global family!


As the co-founders of TechValidate, we evaluated the opportunity to become part of SurveyMonkey with great care. Nothing matters more to us than making sure our customers and our team are properly supported in every dimension, at all times. After getting to know the SurveyMonkey team, we felt 100% confident in the decision to join the world’s leader in online surveys. It was the perfect match in terms of products, approach, and culture. SurveyMonkey has always done things its own way, which is an approach that resonates very deeply with us.

A Different Kind of Company, A Different Kind of Approach

When we co-founded TechValidate in late 2007, we very explicitly set out to build not just a different kind of software platform, but a different kind of company. In terms of product, we had the crazy idea to build a “content robot,” solving content creation problems with an entirely new approach that utilized direct customer input and automation to transform how companies could tell their stories to the world. This approach promised to make a marketing team’s job a mere few mouse clicks where it had once been months of manual writing and research to create marketing content. We fulfilled that vision well beyond what we initially had hoped.

And just as importantly, we also wanted to build a company that challenged commonly held conventions and rules. Our key operating tenets included:

  • We never sought venture capital that would dilute our shareholders and distract us from operational focus.
  • We meticulously focused on solving a key problem for our customers and they repaid us by funding our growth.
  • We used our experience as marketers to always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and advocate for their needs.
  • We avoided counterproductive PR/marketing that would have signaled to potential competitors about the amazing market opportunity we had quietly discovered.
  • We focused exclusively on core business practices and priorities and ignored everything else.

We were blessed to be able to achieve all of those objectives through the tireless work of our incomparable team.

And now, we are writing the next chapter in our evolution as a business. So, in true TechValidate style, let’s just move quickly to the obvious questions:

What You Need to Know

Q: I’m a customer. What happens to me?

A: For our customers, please understand that nothing changes. Your day-to-day experience with our offerings and team will remain exactly the same. Because nearly all of you are also customers of SurveyMonkey in some way, you can also expect a range of unique benefits to accrue over time as our two companies innovate and integrate to deliver second-to-none solutions to the business-to-business world.

Q: Are you going to change pricing?

A: We do not expect any changes to pricing or services offered at this time.

Q: Why did you sell, for real?

A: First off, we did not need to sell TechValidate. Many of you know we are a profitable and growing business, and have been for many years. We chose SurveyMonkey because of several things: The culture and its people, alignment with our products and vision, and the unique opportunity for us to ensure a global future of the TechValidate offerings and its enabling technologies. SurveyMonkey is a truly amazing company and it made obvious sense to all of us to make this opportunity a reality.

Q: Will my customer experience be the same?

A: Yes, in every way your current TechValidate user experience will be unchanged. The dedicated customer success and account management teams that served you before the merger will remain ready to serve you after the merger.   The product team that built the product that you love remains and is already hard at work building the next set of features and iterations of the TechValidate offerings.

If you have any other questions about the future of TechValidate, please don’t hesitate to email us at:

To everyone in the TechValidate community, you have our deepest thanks and gratitude for your support in helping our company achieve this major milestone. Our commitment to you is that we are already hard at work to make sure our new investment in our future yields results that delight you and solve the problems you have entrusted us to address as an extension of your own teams.


All our best,

Steve Norall and Brad O’Neill

Co-founders of TechValidate

TechValidate Team

Steve Norall

Steve Norall is CEO and Co-Founder of TechValidate. He brings a wealth of experience in both enterprise marketing and software engineering to TechValidate.

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