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Lizzy Ellerbeck - March 21, 2016

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“Don’t wait. Use TechValidate faster. Use it sooner, because the outcome is what you need.”

– Evan King, from SomaLogic

About SomaLogic:

SomaLogic’s mission is to improve our society’s well-being and quality of life by altering how diseases are detected and diagnosed. With this goal in mind, SomaLogic scientists developed a new way to detect and measure proteins across multiple applications. They plan to leverage this technology to discover, develop, and commercialize the revolutionary new life science research tools and breakthrough clinical diagnostic products for the healthcare community.

The Challenge:

In the healthcare industry, getting validated customer proof points can be extremely difficult. The largest part of SomaLogic’s customer base is comprised of pharmaceuticals, biotech, universities, and government research institutions. SomaLogic was getting a ton of  internal praise for their transformative technology, but when they asked their customers if they could get a statement in writing they were literally met with laughter. Once the laughing subsided, their customers told them that if they wanted a quote they would need to go through their business and legal contacts, which proved to be incredibly time consuming and tedious. This huge lack of customer support was taking a toll on their sales cycle and marketing initiatives. The sales team would have to start from ground zero on explaining the value of SomaLogic’s technology and how it was going to make their jobs better, faster, and easier.

With all of this in mind, SomaLogic set out to find an efficient way to gather customer stories to leverage throughout their outbound marketing initiatives, and to arm the sales team with customer success stories.

Enter TechValidate:

SomaLogic turned to TechValidate to help capture those happy customer stories, quickly and efficiently. The marketing and sales leadership successfully worked with TechValidate to create a custom outreach to their customer base to leverage throughout:

  • Email campaigns
  • Sales collateral
  • Lead nurture campaigns
  • Social media

The TechValidate Impact (victory!):

  • References to vouch for their technology
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Increased social media presence
  • Pamphlet with sales collateral
  • Content to build brand awareness

When SomaLogic first implemented TechValidate they were skeptical if anyone was going to respond to the outreach, nonetheless provide their name for a testimonial or case study. Needless to say, they were thrilled with the above average 30% response rate and the 77 case studies. An added bonus were the reference volunteers they developed that they could now reach out to for being a phone reference. Tasks that once took a long time were now seamless.

Evan King, Executive Director of Business Operations, talked about their access to customer evidence before and after TechValidate in no uncertain terms, “prior to TechValidate, we were like the person crawling in the desert parched, not having had anything to drink for like a week, you know just barely hanging onto life, and after TechValidate we were sitting poolside with an umbrella drink.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.37.53 PM Evan King

Charles Martin                  Evan King

Director of Marketing     Exec Director of Business


See the content SomaLogic is producing with TechValidate here >>

Lizzy Ellerbeck

Lizzy Ellerbeck is a Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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