This Week in B2B Content Marketing: 2/3/12

Lauren Locke-Paddon - February 3, 2012

This Week in Content Marketing

Friday, Feb 3, 2012: Welcome to our curated recap of the week’s best links relevant to B2B Content Marketing, from all around the Web.

Here are the links:

    1. 13 Questions Marketing Should Ask the Sales Reps: A reminder that the whole point of marketing is to drive sales. And aligning sales with marketing might involve asking your reps a few key questions.Aligning Sales and Marketing
    2. Infographic – How Are B2B Marketers Optimizing their Funnel? Visual representation of statistics highlighting website optimization and multichannel messaging strategy for improved demand generationDemand generation infographic
    3. Giving away the secrets of 99.3% email deliverability: Critical if email is any part of your B2B Marketing campaigns.Email deliverability
    4. Customer Evidence Infographic: Visual representation illustrating confidence in content sourced from customer vs. that from 3rd party analysts.Voice of the Customer
    5. The Essential Guide to Meta Descriptions that Will Get you Found Online: Social media means that getting Meta is more important than ever. Read more for how and why.meta descriptions
    6. 47 Essential Social Media Tools for Content Marketers: Covering the basic & advanced options for listening, syndicating and managing your B2B marketing strategy (and business operations).Content syndication
    7. Are You a Content Curator? 5 Great Tools for Content Curation and Sharing: New ways of leveraging now familiar tools like Twitter, Google Reader & HootSuite.

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