This Week in Content Marketing: 6/8/12

Lauren Locke-Paddon - June 8, 2012

This Week in Content Marketing

Friday, June 8, 2012: Welcome to our curated recap of the week’s best links relevant to B2B Content Marketing, from all around the Web.

Here are the links:

  1. What’s the Real ROI of Content Marketing: It’s hot right now, but where’s the ROI? How to put a number on it.
  2. 42 Content Writing and SEO Ranking Tips for Small Business Owners: Reminders to keep it short, let your personality show, and get some numbers in that headline.
  3. All Contacts Aren’t Created Equal – The Right Ways to Treat Your Email Opt-Ins: How to let your customers and prospects tell you how often they’d like to be emailed.
  4. Customer Reference Programs at The Tipping Point: Why Customer References are a requirement and will play a critical role in sales and marketing moving forward.
  5. The unforgiving arithmetic of the funnel: Get realistic in your #B2B and take action.
  6. How Accurate is Your Customer Database? List hygiene matters – and requires constant maintenance to be an effective asset.


Lauren Locke-Paddon

Lauren Locke-Paddon is the Director of Customer Success at TechValidate. She leads the customer success team with a focus on delivering high-touch consultative support that emphasizes results.

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