The top 6 ways marketing teams use social proof

Camille Rasmussen - March 20, 2018

The truth is, buyers are highly skeptical of marketing and sales claims. Nielsen research shows that 92% of buyers trust peers over advertisers—but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn their trust. Savvy marketers are increasingly turning to their customers to speak up on their behalf and validate their claims.

We recently put together a solution brief that details the top six ways our customers use social proof to solve marketing challenges and drive growth for their business. Read on for a summary of these use cases, or download the solution brief for the full story—including examples of how our customers have leveraged TechValidate research in their own marketing initiatives.

What could you do with more social proof?

1. Drive lead generation

Our customers commonly survey their customers or target markets to examine trends, challenges, and new approaches. The resulting data can then be leveraged in detailed reports for demand generation. Using customer research at the top of the funnel can help drive interest in your products and increase conversion rates.

2. Enable sales efforts

Salespeople need social proof to establish credibility with their prospects and close deals faster. Bringing in a targeted customer case study or testimonial at the right time can accelerate the sales cycle.

3. Rise above the competition

To help differentiate your products from the competition, ask your customers about the benefits of your products vs. the competition, highlight customer wins on your website, and supply your sales team with competitive proof points that set your products apart from the pack.

4. Involve the voice of your customers in your thought leadership efforts

Your customers can offer valuable insight into the industry trends and happenings within your target market. For your next thought leadership piece, leverage your customers for their subject-matter expertise and deep industry experience. 

5. Support vertical and persona targeted marketing

When you’re looking for highly targeted content that will resonate with your target markets, your customer stories are a great place to start. Aim to have a testimonial, case study, or review on hand for each of your target personas and industries so you’ll always have a relevant asset to share.

6. Start the conversation on social media

Social media platforms offer endless opportunities for social proof. By sharing testimonials, customer stats, and reviews, you can keep your audience engaged—and spark authentic conversations around your offerings.

What could you do with more social proof? For inspiration, check out how companies like CA Technologies, Red Hat, and 4C Insights are using social proof in their marketing: click here to download the solution brief.

Camille Rasmussen

Camille Rasmussen is the Content Marketing Manager at TechValidate. She studied Journalism at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and has over 6 years experience in marketing communications + content. When she's not writing, she's usually trying out new restaurants around town or exploring the beautiful parks, hikes, and beaches the bay area has to offer.

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