Video Interview with Citrix: “Nothing sells better than customers selling”

Alexri Patel - June 29, 2016

Over the last couple of years, Citrix has emerged as an all-star TechValidate customer, using the content for high-priority sales enablement, infographics and demand generation campaigns. We had the chance to meet with Lee Rubin and Keri Robinson, who have led the charge of innovating Citrix’s customer reference marketing programs.

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Key quotes from Lee & Keri below: 

Lee Rubin, Senior Manager of Global Reference Programs at Citrix says…

“There’s a quote that I love from our CMO, that says, ‘Nothing sells better than customers selling to other customers’, and at Citrix we believe that to be true. You can run thousands and thousands of dollars in ads but having your customers talking to other customers about why they use the product, that’s simply invaluable.”

“No one really wants to read these 2-4 page long case studies, they want really concise and bulleted information that tells you the solutions, benefits and problem being solved. The short format content that TechValidate creates is what our users want.”

Citrix’s product groups and vertical teams primarily use the TechValidate content to get that extra third party validation stamp of why they stand out against competitors and to specifically highlight the benefits and value of their product. Citrix also uses TechValidate as their primary “social storytelling” strategy to deliver customer stories on demand.

Keri Robinson, Customer Reference Marketing Manager at Citrix says….

“The reason we looked at TechValidate was because our team was very resource constrained and the demand for customer proof points was very high. We needed to find a way to quickly scale to support that high demand.”

“The first TechValidate survey we ran was really positioned as more of a pilot, the internal stakeholders were so excited about the initial results that it spread like wildfire throughout the organization.”

 “Every time I talk to one of my stakeholders about TechValidate and I show them the potential and I demonstrate the results, they are always really impressed, TechValidate really makes me look like a rockstar.”

Alexri Patel

Alexri Patel is a Senior Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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