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Steve Norall - February 15, 2009

Welcome!  We’re kicking off our official corporate blog that will cover all things related to the best practices and disciplines of  applying customer-sourced marketing to your marketing strategy.  Also, from time to time, we’ll spotlight market research on the IT trends and purchasing trends that we source from our network of IT and business professionals.

Over the coming months, we’ll plan to post about the following topics:

  • Examples of how technology companies are putting customer-sourced marketing to use
  • Market research about specific vendors and the larger industry
  • Our random musings about what’s going on in technology marketing
  • And whatever else is on our minds

For those of you new to TechValidate, TechValidate is a web-based software platform that allows you to mine customer information from the 90% of your customer base that is silent and then leverage that information to create marketing and sales materials on-the-fly.  You can learn more about what we’re all about here:

Stay tuned for more to come….

Steve Norall

CTO and Co-Founder

Steve Norall

Steve Norall is CEO and Co-Founder of TechValidate. He brings a wealth of experience in both enterprise marketing and software engineering to TechValidate.

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