2013 Content Marketing Research: Create Targeted Content

Alana Becker - December 16, 2013

Welcome to the 10th post in our series on the current state of B2B Content Marketing. This week we’ll cover how B2B marketers create personalized, unique content for maximum efficacy in their initiatives.

Week 10:  How B2B Marketers Create Targeted Content

We’ve seen that B2B marketers must create unique marketing content in order to reach full potential in lead generation and conversion. The next step was to look deeper into what type of personalization was most popular.

Vertical segmentation was by far the winner –  77% of surveyed B2B marketing organizations indicated that they created targeted content specifically for different industries. True to human psychology principles, social proof from customers that prospects can identify with turns out to be the most compelling.

It’s common for a prospect to assume they are unique – customer proof from the same industry can be the most analogous to what will happen at their company if they choose to adopt a specific product or service. Coming in second was personalizing by solution or usage model at 64%.


personalization of content

Role/persona was third at 46%, showing that content segmented by role or position was popular as well, yet tailoring content to industry outranked persona here by more than 30%.

Creating unique content that is personalized by industry or solution or persona does mean marketers are multiplying the amount of content they require – for lead generation campaigns, for giving to the sales team, and for prospects in all stages of the funnel. This only serves to magnify bandwidth challenges we’ve seen reported before, but with a net positive in the outcome of how well campaigns perform. In short – a baseline requirement for today’s marketing organization.

Stay Tuned:

In our next post, we’ll discuss how B2B marketers are tracking the return on investment of their content.

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Alana Becker

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