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Alexri Patel - June 27, 2016

eMoney Advisor bridges the sales and marketing gap with TechValidate Content 50% Faster

Based on an interview with Kelly Waltrich – SVP, Head of Marketing and Communications at eMoney.

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eMoney Advisor has led the digital transformation of the wealth management industry on a global scale. Thanks to their dynamic financial planning software, they’ve revolutionized the way advisors serve their clients. How so? To name a few – increasing assets under management and identifying product opportunities and challenges – all of which work together to win client confidence and increase loyalty.

Prior to using TechValidate, eMoney faced an ever-growing demand to produce large amounts of content for various channels. With only eight people responsible for marketing, communications, and lead generation, it was clear they needed to leave the status quo behind. Additionally, Kelly Waltrich’s team had identified a growing tension between sales and marketing.

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eMoney had a process for creating top notch customer stories for their sales team, but it was time-consuming.  With TechValidate, eMoney now produces content over 50% faster than previous traditional methods. By automating the data collection and content creation process, they’ve been able to increase operational effectiveness.

“We had to call up one customer at a time and just hope for the best. When I started at eMoney I immediately engaged with TechValidate because I knew this was an obstacle we needed to tackle sooner rather than later.”

Turning to TechValidate in order to achieve a scalable approach in creating customer evidence has led to engaging over 5,000 customers (compared to just 30 customers 3 years ago).  Over the last 3 years, eMoney has collected nearly 21,000 responses with TechValidate. This has enabled them to publish a library of 150+ targeted content assets that can be used in a number of ways.

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eMoney has used this customer evidence on their corporate website, in vertical specific sales presentations, embedded into their blog series, shared high level stats in ongoing lead gen efforts, and they’ve leveraged the content across all social media channels.


“Undoubtedly, the content has been a big win for us in sales presentations. I remember the day we released the results from our first study, it was used to close a deal almost immediately.”

Now in year three of working together, eMoney has a steady flow of case studies, statistical evidence and quotes to support sales and marketing. These targeted content assets align closely to eMoney’s specific verticals and use cases.

TechValidate has provided eMoney a way to cost-effectively support sales efforts with fresh and relevant customer evidence, and shepherd alignment between marketing and sales.

Alexri Patel

Alexri Patel is a Senior Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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