Client Showcase: Mirantis, eVestment, and MapR

Tim Hill - May 4, 2015

Gathering customer evidence and publishing content assets is just the beginning for TechValidate clients. The next step – and the more exciting one – is to leverage that customer-sourced content across marketing initiatives.

We often hear that it’s very difficult to keep websites fresh with new and relevant content. A top use case we see from TechValidate customers is to directly embed the content into a webpage or blog. The customer evidence you publish with TechValidate can also be cited as you would other third-party evidence and presented in your company’s own design requirements. Below are three stellar ways, eVestment, and MapR use TechValidate to demonstrate the success of their customers on their websites and blogs.

Mirantis: Customized case studies

Mirantis focused their first outreach project on creating case studies to arm their sales team. They were able to accomplish, in weeks, what it takes many marketing organizations months to accomplish: creating a solid base of case studies. Using short-format case studies published through TechValidate as primary research, they built out a high-value library of case studies hidden behind a registration wall f0r lead generation. The results have been two-fold: an uptick in leads generated and a sales team that is now armed with an arsenal of customer stories.


eVestment: Showing customer evidence by industry segment

The TechValidate pros at eVestment choose to segment their customer base in order to customize their messaging by vertical. The goal? To create a segmented repository of customer evidence and stories for their website that would resonate with prospects doing self-education about their products. With tailored messaging for each segment, eVestment filled a robust content matrix on their website with case studies, statistical proof points and testimonials.



MapR: Press release and related blog series

MapR launched their first TechValidate project with an eye towards a press release and adding more customer proof to their website. The focus was to validate their value propositions through the voice of their satisfied customer base. The press release centered on high-impact statistics about return on investment, while the corresponding webpage highlighted top reasons to choose MapR.


Tim Hill

Tim Hill is a Senior Customer Advocate at TechValidate.

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