Building Credibility within Data Systems and Cloud Industries through Thought Leadership

Heather Turley - August 17, 2015

“Business buyers don’t buy your product; they buy into your approach to solving their problems.”

Think of someone like Malcolm Gladwell. You know his name because of his published ideas, not for his business accomplishments. People trust his guidance because his vision has captured the minds of the masses. Your company can be viewed in the same way by creating content that effectively captures the attention of your audience with primary research on industry trends. To successfully use content to further your thought leadership strategy, you have to look beyond marketing your products or services. When done right, thought leadership marketing is a way to create interest, earn the trust of potential buyers, and differentiate yourself from competitors. When the time comes to hire a company, yours is at the top of their mind.

There’s a ton of buzz around thought leadership, but how can you incorporate it in your marketing to drive business value for your organization?

This post highlights 3 great examples of how TechValidate’s clients have used thought leadership content in their marketing strategy.


Hitachi Infographic on Cloud Application

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.02.53 PM

Hitachi specializes in building innovative technology for businesses. Being a highly diversified company, they operate multiple business segments, one of the largest being Data Systems. HDS recently ran a TechValidate Market Research survey to gather insights from the market about concerns and past exposure with cloud based servers. The survey collected perceived risks as well as the results they’ve experienced with cloud services in the past. From their outreach project, Hitachi was able to put together this compelling infographic saturated with primary research.


Adeptia Infographic

Adeptia Infographic

Using TechValidate, Adeptia reached out to more than 150 of their US customers about the top mission-critical success factors for IT and Business professionals in 2015 and beyond. They were able to create this informative infographic on the business benefits and cost savings for IT professionals.


SnapLogic Integrated Campaign, including Webinar


SnapLogic was looking to position themselves as a thought leader in the cloud space, as well as create content for an integrated campaign, including a webinar, press release, and whitepaper. With TechValidate, they conducted a survey of global enterprise customers on SaaS integration and cloud adoption. They gained insights and tangible assets for why their audience supports the necessity of a cloud integration platform. Their research was then incorporated into a webinar, and on the landing page, they are having prospects and customers sign up.

Key Takeaway: Focus more on investing in educational content. This way, when your prospect is ready to buy, they’re more likely to turn to you because you have established built credibility and what you offer solves their problems.

Ready to create your own thought leadership content?  Watch our Market Research product tour here.


Heather Turley

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