Customer Spotlight: How F5 Has Used TechValidate Over the Past 4 Years

Jonathon Wolfe - December 7, 2011

F5 is highly regarded for its innovative marketing and customer engagement programs. With the firm belief that social proof  is one of the most effective types of  marketing, F5 became an early adopter of the TechValidate application in 2008.

Over the last four years, F5 has executed a broad range of projects and published hundreds of content assets for product launches, lead generation campaigns, and vertically segmented marketing campaigns. Below are a few highlights from the customer outreach F5 has conducted with TechValidate:


F5 usage timeline


Selected Highlights:

F5 BIG-IP ROI Study (2009)

Use Case: Proof of Financial or Operational Impact

Results: Published 3rd party verified quantitative proof on reductions in OPEX & CAPEX, cost savings and ROI in addition to qualitative proof points. The resulting content was leveraged at the Interop conference.

Sample Content:

F5 TechFact

F5 Service Partner Satisfaction Study (2010)

Use Case: Channel Partner/MSP Sales Enablement

Results: By reaching out to existing service partners, F5 published content that validates their value proposition both for partners and end-users.

Sample Content: F5 Testimonial

F5 BIG-IP Federal Users Survey (2011)

Use Case: Content for Vertical / Solution Marketing

Results: F5 had a strong federal base that was seeing great results with their projects. Yet it was nearly impossible to cite these satisfied customers in typical named reference activities. With TechValidate, F5 gathered over 500 responses from their customers in different federal agencies and published impactful evidence.

Sample Content: 

F5 Chart

See more of the content F5 has published with TechValidate here >

Jonathon Wolfe

Jonathon Wolfe is VP of Product at TechValidate. He leads all aspects of TechValidate product design, functionality, and user experience. You can follow Jon on Twitter at @tv_jon.

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