FAQ: TechValidate & Marketing Automation

Brad O'Neill - February 22, 2011

Are you using marketing automation in a B2B context? Odds are that you’re at least evaluating this critical space. A large percentage of TechValidate customers are also using our auto-generated content within their marketing automation tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and Silverpop. As a result, we get asked a lot of questions about how we interact with these platforms, so this is a brief post identifying our top frequently asked questions about marketing automation.

Question #1: How is TechValidate different from Marketing Automation?

Answer: We augment Marketing Automation initiatives. TechValidate is a SaaS platform that creates marketing and sales content assets on-the-fly, all sourced from verified customers of B2B businesses. This is a new form of “content automation.”  Marketing Automation is about creating and managing the complex interactions between a vendor and prospect/customer communities. If Marketing Automation is an archer shooting at a target, TechValidate is a quiver full of arrows.

Question #2: How does TechValidate work with Marketing Automation?

Answer: All Marketing Automation platforms view us as a content provider. They use TechValidate generated content just like they would use any other content assets in their campaigns.They can link to content asset URLs, embed assets as images or widgets, or present entire TechValidate microsites (our Portals offering.)

Question #3: What kind of integration is required between TechValidate and Marketing Automation?

Answer: None. Because the work product of our application is what’s utilized by Marketing Automation platforms (e.g. charts, case studies, statistics, testimonials), there is no integration at our respective application levels. TechValidate does provide integration with CRM vendors (e.g. Salesforce) for final presentation of  your published content, however.

Question #4: What’s so special about TechValidate content? Is this any different than other 3rd party content?

Answer: Customers use TechValidate because they want to create a wide range of verified content asset types very quickly, and with maximal targeting for their various audiences. For example, if you were running a very specific nurturing campaign targeting medium-sized health care prospects, you would be able to quickly deploy TechValidate content sourced directly from your verified medium-sized health care customers, and even present that content as a finished microsite, all in a few clicks. Some companies find this useful, but for others this would be overkill. For the latter group, we’re obviously not a good fit.

Question #5: What’s the ROI of using TechValidate with Marketing Automation?

Answer: It depends on whether or not you spend a lot on content marketing and if you have pains in content creation. If not, there’s no point in using TechValidate. However, if you spend money to create marketing content for your programs or you feel that it takes you a long time to create that content, then see that our customers calculate the ROI on TechValidate as an efficiency gain within their content marketing budgets (more bang per buck), or in a percentage savings of headcount dedicated to content creation and management activities.

If you have you specific questions on how we deploy with marketing automation, fire away!

Brad O'Neill

Brad O'Neill is President and Co-Founder of TechValidate. He brings over 15 years of experience in both enterprise and web consumer technologies to the leadership of TechValidate.

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