Infographic: Where are US IT pros located?

Jonathon Wolfe - August 27, 2012

Since we launched in 2008, TechValidate has conducted surveys on our customers’ behalf with hundreds of thousands of IT pros worldwide. While we haven’t been in touch with all of the world’s IT pros, enough have participated in our research that we can do some interesting demographic analyses — where are they? What kind of company do they work for? What technology trends are they most interested in?

For this infographic, we decided to look at U.S.-based IT pros who participated in TechValidate research studies. We’ve mapped how many live in each state and also their relative density — how many IT pros there are per-capita in each state. We also did the same analysis for the 50 most-populous U.S. cities.

Click on the thumbnail below to launch the full infographic:

IT pro location map

Some findings that surprised us:

  • On a per-capita basis, there are a ton of IT pros in the midwest, especially Minnesota and Colorado. We hadn’t expected this, but it makes sense since there are a lot of corporate headquarters in the midwest.
  • While Virginia and Maryland have a lot of IT pros per-capita, Washington D.C. is off the charts. There are also probably a lot of IT pros who work in D.C., but live in the surrounding states, further pushing up D.C.’s numbers.
  • Atlanta has a high number of IT pros, and also a high per-capita density.

So, while we may hear mostly about tech hubs like Silicon Valley and NYC in the media, the reality is that the majority of people working in IT are distributed around the country, and in a very surprising pattern.

Jonathon Wolfe

Jonathon Wolfe is VP of Product at TechValidate. He leads all aspects of TechValidate product design, functionality, and user experience. You can follow Jon on Twitter at @tv_jon.

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