New Feature Spotlight: Creating Named Testimonials and Case Studies with TechValidate

Lauren Locke-Paddon - October 31, 2012

named testimonial

We’re excited to announce that you can now create named content with TechValidate. Our users can now publish named quotes, case studies and proof points from customers that opt-in to let their name and organization be publicly displayed.

named testimonial

A New Capability

Most B2B organizations struggle with getting enough public references to support their sales and marketing activities. Organizations often have policies precluding public endorsements altogether, while requests for testimonials and case studies are slowed or squashed by legal and PR reviews.  As a result, B2B organizations typically report that no more than 5 to 10% of their customer base publicly endorses them.

We call the 90+% that doesn’t participate in customer referencing the “Silent Satisfied Majority,” and TechValidate has always focused on generating a wealth of content from that part of the customer base. We do this by allowing people to participate without having their name and organization publicly displayed.

Now, with our Named Content capability, your customers who don’t need to remain anonymous can opt in to let their name and organization be displayed in TechValidate content. Our clients have found that 5-20% of their participating customers opt in to let their name be used.

The net result: a large amount of named customer evidence can now be generated efficiently and at scale, in addition to the anonymized content that TechValidate already creates.

Named case study

How It Works

TechValidate sends your customers an invitation to take a short market research survey on their experiences with your product or service.  At the end of the survey, your customer will have the ability to opt in and consent to have his or her responses attributed to his name, title, and organization. By default, all responses are publicly blinded, unless a respondent explicitly consents to his name being used.

After data is collected, our clients log into the TechValidate application to review the responses and automatically publish customer proof points at a click of the button. If the respondent has opted in to be publicly named, then all TechValidate content published from that person’s responses (testimonials, case studies, etc.) will include their name and organization.

Once published, these named proof points can be used in the same ways as other TechValidate content: social media announcements, press releases, lead generation campaigns, and sales enablement resources, to name just a few.

Lauren Locke-Paddon

Lauren Locke-Paddon is the Director of Customer Success at TechValidate. She leads the customer success team with a focus on delivering high-touch consultative support that emphasizes results.

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